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Readers Respond: Personal Experiences to Share with Other Migraine Sufferers

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Updated June 18, 2009

From the article: Coping with Migraines
Everyone has very different experiences in dealing with migraines. For example, some people need to find a quiet, dark room and lie down for a while. Others may find that meditating can be helpful. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others who are having difficulties? How have you learned to cope and lead a productive life?

Vitamins & Minerals

I have had migraine for 20 years now. I have tried all sorts of treatments, from propanolol to acupuncture (none worked). I found an orthomolecular doctor who check my vitamin and minerals' blood levels and food intolerances. Main problems turned out to be: wheat and egg intolerant; vitamins D, B6, magnesium, folic acid were low. I have been following a diet (less wheat and eggs) and taking specific vitamin supplements for 2 years now. The improvement is amazing. I still get migraines but less frequently and not so strong. I function much beter now!
—Guest MES

Med Regime

To Ms. Guest Marjorie I know all about those meds, and they work. But my drs. want me off that much med. How do you tolerate so much without getting sick or having side effects?
—Guest Guest Ly

Call it coping if you will

I have to take Relpax, get an ice pack, and find a dark, quiet place removed from everyone. Most of the time, that works. I'd love to find something more effective and less isolating; it's hard on my husband and kids since I get these 2-3 times a week.


I'm on a great med regime that has all but eliminated my HAs. I take depakote and nadolol daily as preventative and maxalt that dissolves on my tongue when I feel a HA coming on. If these fail which is now infrequently, I take imitrex shot. See a HA specialist if your regular md doesn't know anything about these drugs for HAs.
—Guest Marjorie

Migraine Relaxation Strategies

Some of the best coping mechanisms of dealing with migraines are : watching a humorous movie, listening to relaxing music, become an avid nature enthusiast (enjoy bird watching as a hobby), try massage therapy with very gentle scalp touches, and purchase the best pillow on the market (they even have cool touch ones nowadays).
—Guest Jo

Morning Migraines

I would consistently go to bed without a migraine, but would wake with one. It took about a year to figure out it was due to hypoglycemia. I had tried pretty much anything else I could--food allergies, acupuncture, naturopath, debilitating drugs for prevention, diet, pillows, bedding, dust and dander, etc. You name it, probably tried it. I found out that my blood sugar would drop to the 80s (which is still normal) and trigger the headache which turned to a migraine. My body seems to like it above 100 or the headaches will set in. I have problems with proteins due to food allergies and some of the protein shakes have a diuretic in them. So, my resolve to keep them away and wake up migraine free is to drink a natural fruit juice with about 16g of sugar before bed and I will wake up, or set the alarm as a backup, to get up at 2:30am to do an additional 16g to carry me through to the 5:30am wake up alarm. Too bad I lost so much in wages to find this out.

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