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Readers Respond: A Variety of Warning Signs

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Updated May 14, 2009

idk whats wrong...

i will be perfectly find then i'll go lift some stuff pick up around the house i instantly get light headed and get a really bad migrane that wont go away for a few days, i just want to lay in bed and not get up. If anyone knows anything about that please let me know.
—Guest Marleyy


This is my first episode with Aura's. I've had migrains for years now but this time its different. I had a heavy workout last Tuesday Night and within an hour I started seeing diamonds shaped in a half moon out of my left eye. Then all night long I could barely function. The pounding in the back of my head was excrusiating.I had terrible side effect with Imatrex, so the Dr. now has me on Corgard? Just about an hour ago I started seeing the diamonds again but no headache yet. Crossing my fingers it wont happen. This is misery at its best.
—Guest Carmen


For years, I have experienced sinusitus, usually during rainy months. Auras also occur at this time and take the form of a small "v" shape of light in the middle of my eye. The "V" enlarges and it appears to be made up of broken glass or mirrors. It's very bright and enlarges until it covers my entire eye. Then a blind spot appears and I cannot read or focus for a few minutes. There isn't much of a headache, but I feel drained. Lately, I have had sound experiences just before I fall asleep. It sounds like an electrical "zzzzttt" or sometimes like a guitar string breaking. After nightly occurences of this over a month last March, I had a stroke, resulting in drooping right side of my face and slurred speech. No permanent damage. I was back to normal in a week. However, the sound disturbances disappeared for 3 months. Had my first one since March last night. Anyone experience any of this? Is this a migraine?
—Guest Sue in NJ

Oooo...that smell!

I don't have visual ques. For me, SMELL is both a trigger and a tell. If I'm walking down the hallway at the office and can suddenly smell the rubber backing on the carpet I'm walking on...I'm in for a migraine. Similarly, any particularly concentrated fragrances (inexpensive perfumes, plug-in room deodorizers, scented body lotions, etc.) will trigger a migraine. My loved ones joke about my sense of smell being a super power, but I'd gladly give it up if it meant no more migraines!!!

Terrible pain

I have a migraine now and it started with a pain and stiffness in my neck and right jaw line then two hours later loss of sight on the left side then zig zags colours green, brown, red and yellow. Again missing objects on the left side until I look at them. Terrible pain in the temple usually the right side, but it's on the left side now. I feel very confused and irritable and am having great trouble concentrating on typing this. Sometimes I get a migraine two or three times a week then clear for a month or more before another group. I have tried all the pain killers the doctor gave me but none work. So now I just work through the attack. The attack started 5 hours ago and the pain is just as bad as when it started and my neck on the left side is making me feel very sick so I'm going to give up fighting and go to bed.

I feel disabled sometimes...

usually i get the warnings signs about 30-120 minutes before the crippling, mind-splitting headache. For me the warning signs are silver spots in front of my eyes, a numb-ness that travels up from my left hand, up my left arm, across my chest to my right arm, down that to my right hand, then it spreads up to my head and down to my legs and feet, before finally disipating at my mouth. i also get a strong dose of disorientation and confusion, then 24-48 hours of total head splitting agony...
—Guest Aaron Geake

Symptoms of Migraine

Mostly my headache starts immediately after my breakfast but sometimes,I feel heaviness of head when i getup in the morning.But the headache is always on the top of my head (vertax) It is happening daily and i get relief mostly after i take Vasograin, but when headache is more then i have to take crocin (paracetamole) also with vasograin. i am now taking these medicine daily. i am also having gerd problem. please suggest some remedy.
—Guest vinay Arora


A wave comes over me and it feels like my head is not processing information smoothly - kind of like the old film projector not catching the film. It is difficult to take in information at a normal rate or retain it, and I mix things up. Sometimes I'll get the aura without the full blown migraine.
—Guest dlmeyer


—Guest GLO5573BABE

36 years of experience

Usually a few days before, I yawn a lot, and my nose becomes icy cold. My neck will start to ache, tiny pin pricks in my head, and right before the full blow of the migraine, it will feel like a knitting needle, starting to poke at my left temple, into my left eye.
—Guest Sharon

Kind of like deja vu....

My auras kind of feel like trying to remember a dream, or like deja vu, where I think I might have actually experienced it before, but I'm not certain. The thoughts are always about the same topics, but after the spell is over, I can't remember what they were about. The "weird thoughts" are usually accompanied by tingling feelings in my arms, neck, then my hands get cold & I get kind of a "hot flash" - that clammy, almost nauseated feeling. The whole thing can't last for more than 2-5 minutes or so; then I usually get the full-on migraine within 24-48 hours afterwards. I had migraines without auras for years before I ever had a migraine with one; now, I probably get the aura first about 75-80% of the time. The first time I had the aura symptoms, though, it really scared me! I thought I was having a panic attack or going crazy or something. It's a most unsettling feeling! However, now I know more what to expect, it doesn't bother me as much. Hope this helps...
—Guest Joi Lin


I get the Zigzag lines in my aura most of the time and then I know what is coming. Most times I do have an aura, but sometimes I do not. Sometimes I just get nausea and a stiff neck. I have been on topamax for not quite a year and found that it has really helped lower my incidents of migraines. I am on 150 mg daily and due to the side effects, will not go to a higher level and thank goodness it is working at the level I am on. I did have a "blind spot" aura once and that was scary - and most recently after a car wreck where I got a concussion - I had the spots aura, not the zig zags, but the headache seemed to be different and lasted 2 weeks so it seemed to be from the concussion not a migraine to me!
—Guest KathinSandySprings

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