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Readers Respond: What Do You Feel When You Get a Migraine or Headache?

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Updated April 05, 2010

From the article: Headache Symptoms
Headaches symptoms can vary greatly, being as unique as the headache sufferer. There are a number of very common symptoms, though that can help you determine which type of headache you are experiencing. What types of symptoms do you experience when you get a migraine or headache?


when I get my migraines they start with colored spots in my eyes, then I start to feel dizzy. then the severe pain makes my head feel heavy and I have to lay down. eventually, I have to throw up and soon after that I pass out. the only thing that I've found that works is medical marijuana, or sleeping for a solid 8-10 hours. if anyone know's what causes this, contact me.
—Guest erinmuree

Migraine Symptoms

My migraines usually start in my eyes. Usually on my right side. My neck tightens up and my shoulder tenses. My eey will hurt all day long as though I have a bad sinus infection. I can take as much sinus meds as I want but it does no good. Sometimes I can feel it before any of this comes on , just as a tinglingor anauseated feeling in my stomach- sometimes as early as 24 hours before. My head will feel tight, like somene has a halo around my head and is squeezing but there isnt any pain yet. Sometimes it may take 24 hours for any real pain to develope. Sometimes I get these migraines on my myleft side, but that is rare. I know I am in for a rough day or night if the migraine starts on my left side. All my life (since I was 5) my migraines have mainly been on my right side)

Right side only pain

Right side temple area very painful Tightness in right side of neck
—Guest Mark

new headaches

my headaches started about a month ago and have occurred daily. They are relieved with regular Tylenol, but I must take it every 4 hours. The headache starts as a dull pain throughout my head and then becomes intense on the sides and back of my head. It feels as though my brain slams into the front, side, or back of my skull with any movement. The good thing is I can easily relieve the symptoms, but this should not be a normal way of life!
—Guest tired

Premenstrual Blues & Reds & Greens etc!

My headaches are scarey! I get flashes of vibrant color, sort of like a strobe light of a stained glass window. This aura takes over my complete vision in left eye. The left side of my body goes numb, starting w/ my face, hand and leg. The sensitivity to light, sound, and smell is very acute. My ability to think clearly, as well as speak soundly is diminished to a dumbfounded mumble. Lastly, the pain and nausea take over and basically I'm reduced to an disfunctionable, lump of flesh, who if I'm lucky enough am home, can get to my meds, heating pad and bed. Could somebody please close the shades?
—Guest jeannieburger

Feels like a tight band around my head

The sensation is just like as if you are wearing a very tight hat. Its not the pain but the discomfort which is annoying. I cannot concentrate on my office work and loud noises and noisy people make the condition worse. I have read that these head aches are called TENSION HEADACHES. I dont like popping pills for each and every small ailment. Still, I would like to get rid of these nasty headaches naturally i.e. through natural means. if anyone of you have been afflicted with the above symptoms and recovered, I would like to share your experience and try the same. Thank you.


I get headaches that sometimes i cant get out the bed because i get really dizzy.
—Guest Yvonne


i am experiencing a throbbing pain on one side of my head.
—Guest pilar

severe migraine

i get blurred vision in one eye half my body goes knumb i loose my speech blackout if i dnt lie down and sometimes i get a big headche and sometimes i dnt and this last a minimum of 3hours to 8 hours i was told there is no cure/ medicine for the type of migraine i have which causes my brain to seizure which would explain the tiredness part not to mention i have three kids i take care of ages 4,4,and 2 on my own. HELP
—Guest evelyn


have nots in my neck, headache is in my neck to my temples of my head

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