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Readers Respond: What Do Your Children Experience When They Get Migraines

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Updated June 18, 2009

From the article: Children With Migraines
Headaches affect many children, with up to 20% of adolescents experiencing at least one. One of the tricky things is that a migraine in a child can be very different than a migraine in an adult. Sharing how your child experiences migraines may be helpful to another parent who is trying to understand what his or her child is going through. What symptoms does your child have when he or she gets a migraine?

Migraines Since 5 Years Old

I remember as a child, ice packs helped alot. Now as an adult, Solanpas patches and showers help dull the pain. At age 25, my doctor put me on Nortriptyline for prevention taken daily, Relpax for relief, and Meclzine for nausea. Together, these have been an effective regimen for treating the problem. Hope these suggestions help someone...
—Guest Guest

9 yr old daughter's migraines

My daughter has been getting migraines since she was 4, that I know of. Last yr she missed 10 days of school just because of migraines and the max in the state is 10 days. The only thing the dr says I can do is give ibuprofen unless I want a daily regimen that might not even work. She is too young to me to be getting so many of them. At least once a week, just like me. Usually when she is tired, or the change in weather she will get them. Sometimes with lack of a deep sleep and hunger. She has not thrown up since she has taken control and takes the ibuprofen as soon as she gets a headache. Sometimes she lays down until it kicks in.
—Guest mannie

12 year old with frequent headaches

My 12 year old son suffers with headaches several times a week. He has had many bacterial infections (sinus)The pediatrician sent us to an allergist/immunologist which revealed little to no allergies and blood work revealed he may have a tendency toward "viral infections". He has had the flu 2x this school year in addition to 2 bacterial infections. He's otherwise a healthy boy who plays basketball and loves the outdoors. My husband suffers with what appears to be tension headaches and my son's can best be described in that way. The allergist/immun. only wanted to place him on inhalers for asthma that was just diagnosed-the meds being advair, astepro,proair and nasonex. I don't want to place him on 4 inhaplers immediately and all at once for something so recently diagnosed. Could the asthma and this possible reactive airway disease have anything in common with the headaches?
—Guest Sabyne

migraines and children

my 5yr old seems to get sick every 2 months, like clockwork. i can almost expect it everytime. when this first started it was just vomiting and late nights but as my baby got older and more understanding of her body she said it was her head that was hurting the most which is what made her throw up. to hear my baby beg me to take her to the doctor is heart wrenching but the doctors just say 'there's nothing we can do right now.'. thats even harder to swallow! i just want to know how to ease this pain for my child...can anyone please help me????
—Guest kristen

stomach ache - then head ache

our son started at age 6 and he doesn't exactly jump for the ibuprofen - have some at school and he is free to take as needed at home - but he just isn't fond of pills - guess it is just as well - he won't OD

Headaches at age 16

I started getting headaches a couple years ago. I have figured that they are triggered by a drastic change in my sleep pattern or other normally consistent habits that my body regulates. I now know when a migraine is coming along and know that there is nothing that I can do, or my mom can do, to stop it from happening. Symptoms are first; awkward perception where I see blind spots or light spots. These spots make it hard to focus or read, my head does not feel apart of my body. Next comes the pain, in knots pressurized on my head. The only thing that helps me is to lie down in a dim lighted area and sleep it off. Often times I will try to eat something or drink lots of water; this can lead to nausea or later throwing it up- that sometimes helps. Ibuprofen does not help me but in most cases promotes more nausea.
—Guest Robin

3 year old son's migraines

My 3 year old (4 in a few weeks) has had periodic episodes of imbalance (ataxia) since he was 2 years old. Swimming seemed to trigger it sometimes. We have seen 3 difference neurologist and been to the emergency room, and he is now on 63 mg (1/2 diomox - 1x a day) as a preventative. Recently, he started to slur his speech as well, and he seems to be especially sensitive now to riding in the car (motion sickness). He threw up 2x at the same spot on our drive last week. We are aiming for 11-12 hours of sleep now by putting him to bed around 6 pm, since he almost always wakes at 6 am. I have a 25 year history of migraines, and had a few major headaches as a child. I was also very prone to motion sickness and vomiting when I got excited. Is Diomox a good first step for my son?
—Guest Jamie
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