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What Triggers Headaches and Migraines?

Though not fully understood yet, many factors can cause or contribute to headache. Triggers include foods, chemicals, bright lights, lack of sleep, stress, sinus problems, crying, excess noise, and hormone fluctuations. Pinpointing headache triggers can greatly help in treatment and prophylaxis.

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Smokers Do It More often and Severely: First- or Second-Hand, Smoking Is a Huge Headache and Migraine Trigger. from About Headaches and Migraine
Smoking . . . not smoking . . . the rights of non-smokers . . . the rights of smokers. Smoking has become a huge health and social issue. When it comes to first- or second-hand smoke and headaches and Migraine, there is no doubt that smoking is detrimental indeed.
Why and How To Buy Sunglasses from About Headaches and Migraine
Whether it's the height of summer or the depths of winter, good sunglasses are a necessity. Not only are they vital to help us avoid headaches and Migraines, but they're vital to good eye health. Be sure to shop wisely for sunglasses, then remember to wear them!
Head Pain at Work? Check the Lighting. About Headaches and Migraine
If you find that you have more headaches and Migraines while at work, it may be the office lighting. Traditional office lighting generally presents two potential headache and Migraine triggers: glare from overhead incandescent lighting and flicker from fluorescent lighting tubes.
Migraines Often Triggered By Change In The Weather.
Migraineurs may be able to avoid triggering the excruciating attacks by avoiding some triggers, but there's little they can do about one of the most common Migraine triggers: the weather. Half of Migraineurs were sensitive to weather variables, but most were wrong in their prediction of which climate variable was the culprit, according to findings of a recent study.
Identifying Food Triggers
Dr. David Marks kindly allowed us to reprint parts of his "Headache Prevention Cookbook" in this review. One page includes a comprehensive list of trigger foods. Another explains the "elimination diet."
Chronic Daily Headache and Snoring
A study has shown that snoring is more prevalent in those with chronic daily headaches than in those who experience occasional episodic headaches.
More Stress Can = More Head Pain
In today’s world, many of us are experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Stress can trigger tension headaches and make a Migraineur more susceptible to their Migraine triggers. Here are some suggestions for reducing our stress and anxiety.
Orgasm & Headaches/Migraine
We've all heard the old joke, "Not tonight, dear. I have a headache." Right? Surprisingly enough, for some people, there definitely is a correlation between sexual activity and headache or migraine. Is that correlation good or bad?
Preventing Dehydration, Preventing Headache and Migraine
We're always trying to identify headache and Migraine triggers in hopes of avoiding as many of them as possible. Dehydration is a know trigger and perhaps one of the easiest to avoid. Since summer heat increases the risk of dehydration, this story and accompanying video are especially timely for all of us!
Migraine Hits Women Harder
Migraine not only hits women more often, it hits them harder.
Tannins As Triggers?
Can tannins, present in red wine, some cheeses, bananas, smoked foods, and other things trigger Migraine? Research is underway.
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