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Treatment Options for Headaches

Treating headaches has gone from simply taking an aspirin to considering a variety of alternative medical options. Choosing the most appropriate treatment for your specific headache can be a daunting task, but one that becomes infinitely easier with the right understanding.
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Depakote and Migraine Prevention
For those with severe migraines, knowing a bit about Depakote and the other preventative treatments can come in quite handy. Depkote was originally developed as an anticonvulsant medication used to treat seizure disorder, but it has also been approved for use in preventing migraines.

Using Beta Blockers to Prevent Headaches
Most of us can effectively treat a headache when it comes on, but many people are now using beta blockers to prevent headaches, as well. Typically used to treat heart-related conditions, beta blockers may also be helpful for headache sufferers.

Treating Migraines in Teens
Migraines can affect people of all ages, from child to adult, but treating migraines in teens can require a different approach. After age 15, as many as 20 percent or more of teens will experience migraines. During adolescence girls are more commonly affected than boys.

Botox for Migraine Treatment
Botox is most known for its use in reducing facial wrinkles, but it has been used as a treatment for migraines as well.

Using Ibuprofen to Treat Headaches
Ibuprofen is one of the Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) available today, and physicians have been using ibuprofen to treat headaches for years. It can be purchased over the counter, but larger doses are available by prescription. It is used to control pain and inflammation found in a variety of conditions, including migraines and headaches, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and…

Will Smoking Trigger a Headache?
Smoking can cause a wide variety of health issues, and headaches seem to be one of them. Nicotine in tobacco products causes blood vessels to constrict, possibly leading to vascular spasm and migraines. Smoking may also directly stimulate nerves in the back of the throat, leading to head pain.

Headache Treatments - Migraine and Other Headache Treatments
There are many, many headache treatment, as evidenced by the abundance of advertisements on radio and television, in magazines, and on the internet. What works well for one person may or may not work well for another, so it is a good thing there are so many choices. Here is an overview of some of the treatments being used for headaches.

Triptan Medications
The selective serotonin receptor agonists, or triptans, are a class of medications that the FDA first approved in late 1992. These medications were considered miracle drugs for migraine sufferers as they had the purported ability to abort, or stop, a migraine headache at its earliest signs.

Pregnancy Medication Categories
The FDA requires manufacturers to label all medications with one of five pregnancy medication categories. These categories provide a way to classify the risk of taking each medication during pregnancy. While no medication is completely safe, this is a way for patients and healthcare providers to make educated decisions about whether to use a medication or not during pregnancy.

Treating Migraines in Children
With all of the choices available, finding the best option for treating migraines in children can be a daunting task. The old adage “children are not just little adults” is quite appropriate, and it is important to exercise caution when treating children. There are some guidelines available to health care providers when it comes to treating children with migraines.

Migraine Prevention (Prophylaxis)
Migraine headaches can hit at any time, and treating them may not always be convenient. If you suffer from regular migraines, your healthcare provider may recommend preventative treatments rather than simple abortive therapies.

Prescription Medications to Relieve Migraine Headaches
Typically, most migraine sufferers will try an over-the-counter medication first, but often they will end up needing some sort of prescription remedy as well. Many of the abortive treatments available for headaches will treat not only migraines, but other headache types as well. However, there are a number of treatments that are quite specific for migraine headaches. As with all treatments for migraines, be sure to discuss questions and concerns you may have with your health care provider.

Treatment of Headaches
There are many, many treatments for headaches, as evidenced by the abundance of advertisements on radio and television, in magazines, and on the internet. What works well for one person may or may not work well for another, so it is a good thing there are so many choices. Here is an overview of some of the treatments being used for headaches.

Over-the-Counter Treatments for Migraine Headaches
While migraines are annoying and at times disabling, treatment choices don’t have to be confusing. There are a number of treatments that are available over-the-counter (OTC). As with all headache treatments, be sure to discuss your intentions and concerns with your health care practitioner.

More OTC Treatments for Migraines
Although some headaches may require the firepower of a prescription drug, others respond to basic over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, which have the advantage of being readily available and relatively inexpensive. Their use -- plus the use of other interventions, depending on the type of headache you have -- may help ease your pain.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Use in Headaches
Acetaminophen is likely the most commonly used pain reliever today. It has long been touted as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of pain, including headaches, whether you have migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches. Acetaminophen use comes with some risk, however, so understanding proper dosing and potential hazards is important. As always, discuss any medication uses or changes with your health care provider.

FDA Medication Watch List
The Food and Drug Administration is now keeping a list of medications with questionable safety profiles. This list is updated quarterly and includes the trade name, generic name, and potentially problematic issues.

What Migraine Sufferers Should Know About Topamax
Topamax is an anticonvulsant medication used to treat seizure disorder, but it has also been approved for use in preventing migraines. Learn more about Topamax and migraines here.

Using Birth Control Pills to Prevent Menstrual Migraine
A comprehensive article on factors that contribute to birth control use and migraines

Does Migraine Surgery Work?
If you are a migraineur, who is resistant or “refractory” to conventional methods of migraine treatment, you and your headache specialist may be considering migraine surgery.Does migraine surgery work? What is the upside and downside?

Does a Positive Personality Help You Cope with your Headaches?
Numerous studies have shown that positive and negative thinking and personalities impact the way people perceive pain. Learn whether a positive personality can help you cope with your headaches better.

Is Surgery and Option for Your Migraine Treatment?

Headache and Nausea

Treatment for the "Suicide Headache"
Diagnosing a headache is one challenge, but finding a treatment regimen that works for an individual can be even more perplexing . Remember the treatment of headaches typically involves abortive and preventive treatments. For cluster headaches, there are a number of abortive and preventive medications, as well as some novel therapies, for those patients who are refractor to resistant to medical therapy. Let’s review these treatments below

Advil vs Tylenol: What's Better for My Headache?
Learn about which over-the-counter medication is best for treating a tension-type headache: ibuprofen or tylenol.

Medical Device to Treat Migraines
Learn about a new device used in the treatment of migraines with auras.

What Do I Take for My Migraine?
Learn about migraine treatments and what you should do next time you are suffering from a migraine.

What Medication Should I Take to Prevent My Migraines?
Learn about medications to prevent migraines.

What To Drink When You Have a Headache

!0 Ways To Avoid Tension Headaches
Learn ten ways to avoid tension headaches, the most common type of headache.

Can I Take Ibuprofen to Prevent My Headache?
Learn about whether you can take ibuprofen to prevent a migraine through a closer look at guidelines set forth by the AAN and AHS.

How to Treat Chronic Migraine in Children
Learn about treatment for chronic migraine in children. Here is a look into a study that combines medical with behavioral therapy.

Learn about two preliminary studies on migraine prevention drugs that target CGRP, a protein found to be released during migraine attacks.

Going to ER for Migraine

How Can I Prevent Migraines in My Child?
Learn about what supplements you can use to help prevent migraine in your child.

Marijuana and Hallucinogens for Headache

How Do I Treat My Pinched Nerve?
Learn how you can treat headaches that are caused by a pinched nerve in your neck.

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