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Review: Migra-Cap

Cold therapy, light blocking, and gentle pressure - - all in one.

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Tension headaches, Migraine attacks, cluster headaches... People who suffer with any type of head pain tend to have one thing in common. Many of them find comfort and, sometimes, pain relief in the use of cold therapy. Some of us will go to great lengths to devise cold packs that cover the areas we want covered. The Migra-Cap may be the answer to the search for those who have wanted to pretty much cover their heads with ice.

Features of the Migra-Cap

  • Combines cold therapy with darkness
  • Made of Lycra and covers the whole head and eye area. The back of the cap extends down onto the neck.
  • Gel packs cover the areas where pain relief is needed most: the forehead and eyes, above and in the area of the ears, the back of the head and upper neck.
  • A hole has been left in the top so people with long hair can pull their hair through it rather than trying to stuff it into the Migra-Cap, which would reduce both comfort and effectiveness.
  • Available in four colors, but all are lined in black to block light.

Using the Migra-Cap

  • The Migra-Cap can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for chilling depending on how cold you want it to be.
  • Even if put in the freezer, the gel packs stay flexible.
  • I found the Migra-Cap to be comfortable lying on my back or side or sitting in a recliner. Definitely plan to lie down or sit somewhere you can rest your head because it is a bit heavy.
  • Although it covers the ears, I was able to use ear buds to listen to music.
  • The gel packs in the Migra-Cap stayed cold for a surprisingly long time.


Overall, the Migra-Cap is impressive. It effectively cools multiple areas while blocking light. The gel packs don't get too hard but do stay cold a reasonable length of time. It's a bit heavy, but that can be overlooked inlight of all its positive attributes. Don't let the name mislead you. You don't have to be a Migraineur to benefit from the Migra-Cap.
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