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Review: Timex Weekly Medication Manager

Easy-to-use pill dispenser with clock and reminder alarm

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Weekly Manager, Sliding
Whether we take only a few medications or several, managing them correctly helps us take them correctly. The Timex Weekly Medication Manager allows us to set up meds for a week at a time and to conveniently take meds with us, both when traveling and when just going out for awhile. The Medication Manager also has an alarm for those of us who don't always remember to take our meds. If you don't want to set up for a week at a time, there's a daily versio available.

Features of the Timex Weekly Medication Manager:

  • Seven sturdy pillboxes, each with four sections.
  • Daily pillboxes fit into a storage tray that can be stored flat or mounted on a wall or inside a cabinet, whichever you desire.
  • Pillboxes attach to reminder/alarm unit.
  • Reminder/alarm unit has four medication alarm settings and two additional settings that can be used for blood pressure readings, blood glucose readings, etc.
  • There are three alarm modes from which to choose: beep, voice, and visual.
  • The reminder/alarm unit has large, easy to see buttons.
For those who prefer to set up medications one day at a time rather than for a week, there is a Daily Medication Manager available.

The Timex Weekly Medication Manager vs. the MEDglider 7 System

MedGlider System
The MEDport MEDglider 7 system had previously been one of my top picks for medication organizers. It has been discontinued, and the Medication Manager takes its place. The two are very similar. With the MEDglider system, the pill box slid underneath the reminder/alarm unit, resulting in a stacking of the two. You slid the inside part of the pillbox out as far as necessary to access the medication you needed. With the Medication Manager, the pillbox attaches to the edge of the reminder/alarm unit, rather like an extension of it. That leaves the top of the pillbox, and the four compartment lids accessible. The bottom of the Medication Manager pillboxes are flat; the MEDglider pillboxes had rounded bottoms. Thus, the Medication Manager pillboxes hold more medication. I tested this myself, and found the Medication Manager holds significantly more medication even though the dividers are permanently placed as opposed to the removable dividers that were in the MEDglider pillcases.


Timex Medication Manager
The Timex Weekly Medication Manager is a great way to remember to take medications and a good time saver as well. If you take several medications, it takes much less time to set up your meds for the week than to repeatedly handle the prescription bottles daily. When traveling, it saves the need for taking the prescription bottles with you. Depending on what medications you take, you may want to photocopy your prescriptions or the prescription labels from your pharmacy and keep them with you. In some cases, it can create a problem to carry unlabeled prescription medications.

The one weakness I found with the Medication Manager is that the pillbox lids can come open in my purse. (If you ever looked in my purse, you'd understand why.) That problem was solved by putting it in a small inside pocket of the purse.

Overall, I find this product to be well designed and made and quite a helpful tool.
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