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How to Cope With Headaches and Migraines


There is more to coping with migraines and headaches than simply treating them. Many strategies and skills can help you deal with these headaches. Whether at work or school, home with family or out with friends, take time to learn about what you can do to cope.
  1. Headache Prevention
  2. Headaches at Work or School
  3. Getting Professional Help
  4. Personal Stories About Coping With Headaches

Headache Prevention

You can treat headaches when they strike, but there are ways to prevent migraines and headaches before they start. Read more to learn about medications and other remedies you can use to reduce the number of headaches that trouble you.

Headaches at Work or School

There is never a good time to get a headache, but some times are worse than others. If you get a migraine or other headache at work or at school, you can really be placed at a disadvantage. Read on to learn what you can do to deal with headaches and still have a productive school or work day.

Getting Professional Help

Whether you are looking for a doctor or just looking for an organization to help, it is always useful to know where to start. What types of physicians treat headaches? Are there organizations out there that can provide information and resources that are of benefit to you? What should you know when looking for a doctor? Plenty of help is out there if you know where to look.

Personal Stories About Coping With Headaches

No matter how great the help and advice you receive from a health care professional, sometimes it helps to know someone has been there before. Sharing personal stories and experiences can be therapeutic for the one who shares, and it can be helpful for those headache and migraine sufferers who would like to know they are not alone.

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