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What do you ask a new doctor? How do you cope with busy doctors? When is it time for a new doctor? Is there a doctor near you who specializes in headache and Migraine treatment? All of those questions and more are answered in this section. If you've been a patient of a headache and Migraine specialist you'd like to recommend, please email headaches.guide@about.com.
Coping With Busy Doctors
We're all familiar with the problems of too few doctors, problems communicating with doctors, busy doctors who seem to cut appointments short. How can we get the most from our appointments with these doctors so we can better manage our headaches and Migraines? Here are some tips.
Patients: We Are Consumers and Customers
When you go shopping, would you continue to shop in a store where you're dissatisfied with the product or the attitude of the sales associates? I think not. Why? Because we don't spend our hard earned dollars on unsatisfactory products or bad customer service. Thus, when we consider that a patient is a consumer, a customer of health care services, I would propose that...
Headache and Migraine Care: As it SHOULD Be
People with Migraine Disease, Cluster Headaches, and other headache disorders often encounter problems getting proper and respectful treatment. Headache specialists and clinics can be the answer.
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