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Headaches and Migraine Disease in Children

Children suffer from Migraine, too. Although the treatments are sometimes the same, chidren also have some different types of Migraine and different needs. Abdominal Migraine is more common in children, and may be a precursor to more typical Migraine later in life.

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Back To School With a Chronic Illness
When your child has a chronic illness, whether it's headaches, Migraines, or a different illness, we can't afford to put off getting our children ready for school. There are extra steps that need to be taken; extra preparations that need to be made. School rules have made it more complicated for chronically ill children and their parents. Let's look at some things to remember.
Pediatric Specialists
Although there aren't many, there are some pediatric headache and Migraine specialists. Here is a listing of some who have been highly recommended to me.
Kids With Frequent Head Pain and Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers
Children as young as six-years-old who get frequent headaches may be using over-the-counter pain relievers far more than they should, and often without their parents' knowledge, suggests a study being presented this week at the 46th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society (AHS).
Let's Study Kids' Headaches
Children's headaches can be so difficult, especially when they can't tell us what's wrong. Let's take a look at the different types that affect children and teens.
Migraines in Children
From About's Guide to Pediatrics, a description of Migraines in children, plus recommended links.
Migraine Prevention for Children
Review when your child should take a prophylactic medication, such as Periactin or Elavil, to prevent Migraine attacks.
Children's Headaches
From the National Headache Foundation, and excellent resource for both adults and children. "With awareness and adult support, kids who have headaches have fun, do well in school, and lead active lives."
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