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Carrots as a Migraine trigger?


Carrots as a Migraine trigger?

Question: Carrots as a Migraine trigger?


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I have noticed recently that carrots seem to trigger my migraines. Please let me know if there is a substance in the carrots that could be causing this. I have also identified the usual triggers like caffeine, citrus, cheese, etc, but have noticed the fact that I get a migraine immediately after eating carrots, and on the days when I don't eat carrots, I don't get the migraine. I am a goal weight member on Weighless and enjoy eating vegetables, but would rather not eat those that trigger this horrible monster. Regards, Cheryl.


Dear Cheryl;

Carrots aren't among the common trigger foods, but that doesn't mean they can't be a trigger for you. If you're buying packaged carrots, you might keep an eye on the package for dyes and preservatives, since those are common triggers. You can find a list of the most common trigger foods, including vegetables, as one page of this book review:

    Review: The Headache Prevention Cookbook
    Unfortunately, foods are a major headache trigger for many people. Fortunately, Dr. David Marks has written this book with a superb program for identifying those triggers and preventing headaches. His wife, Dr. Laura Marks has developed some wonderful recipes to accompany the program.

Good luck,
Teri Robert and John Claude Krusz

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