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Lightning bolt Migraines?


Created: July 2, 2006

Lightning bolt Migraines?

Question: Lightning bolt Migraines?


Full Question:

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with lightning bolt migraines I have looked them up and it doesn't sound like the symptoms he has. He has a popping sound in his head the doctors told him that is blood vessels bursting. It is only his head that he has pain in normally the right front side, he will say the top of his head. Accompanying the headaches his blood pressure will rise or lower then he experiences dizziness. He sometimes blackouts and falls causing more problems or has seizures that will not register as a seizure. Does this sound like lightning bolt migraines? He has had MRI's, cat scans showing nothing. Thank you, Tammie.



Dear Tammie;

"Lightning bolt Migraines" is a description we've heard, but not a diagnosed type of Migraine. Migraines do not cause blood vessels to burst. A blood vessel bursting would be a very serious issue. Suggest to your friend that he see a headache and Migraine specialist. If you need it, there's a link below to our directory of recommended specialists.

Good luck,
Teri Robert and John Claude Krusz

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