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Severe headache after masturbation?


Severe headache after masturbation?

Question: Severe headache after masturbation?


Full Question:

I am in a very severe situation, and I will request you to help me out. A few days ago, when I was masturbating, I got a severe headache. The headache turned towards the back of my right eye. It was very severe and I was feeling like vomiting also. After that whenever I start masturbating, I feel the same just before orgasm. And there is a very severe pain behind my right eye which lasts for long. I am really very tensed. I feel that it is going to end my sexual life. please advice what shall I do?



Dear Sufferer;

This is a question that we have answered multiple times before. You truly need to see your doctor for diagnosis and possible treatment. To give you some basic information, here are links to two of our previous answers questions that were very similar to yours:

Good luck,
Teri Robert

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