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Dizziness and foggy feeling... Silent Migraines?


Updated: Sat May 06 2006

Dizziness and foggy feeling... Silent Migraines?

Question: Dizziness and foggy feeling... Silent Migraines?


Full Question:

I have been doing so much research on the internet and am desperately looking for an answer to my "dizziness." The dizziness happens frequently, but is noticed mostly while driving. I have severe episodes of extreme lightheadness (dizzy spells), my eyes don't seem to want to focus. It is best described as the feeling right before you faint. There are several times driving that I have pulled my vehicle over because I truly thought I was going to faint while driving- this has been occurring since June of 2005. I have never actually fainted or passed out, but I sure feel like I am going to. While looking at the internet of possible causes, Vertigo is the best way to describe the feeling that I am getting... although it has never happened during sleep- only during every day activities. I also "freak out" and become dizzy while at busy restaurants, night clubs or parties. I saw my general family doctor whom is convinced that I am having panic attacks. I agree with him on this issue, but not fully. When the episodes happen, they are not panic attacks, but I believe that once I feel like I am going to faint, I tend to become panicked and start to have panic attacks (I believe just from the mere fact that I believe I am going to faint while driving). I have had the following tests:
EEG: normal
ENG: showed some positional begin vertigo in the right ear.
But, during the Epley Maneuver, as the Ear Specialist looks into my eyes, I am not showing any visual signs of inner ear Vertigo. So, the only specialist that I feel I can trust has no idea what is going on. I see light auras, light and dark spots, especially under fluorescent light bulbs- but, I never actually have "head splitting headaches", just a dull headache afterwards. These spells last sometimes for 5 minutes and up to a few days. But, during in between the episodes, I still feel faintly "foggy" and don't feel quite right. I have done so much research and wonder if I am having "silent Migraines" or "Vestibular Migraines". I read on the Mayo Clinic website that vestibular migraines may be brought on by driving in a vehicle or movement on television.
Your response would be appreciated. Crystal



Dear Crystal;

I feel for your symptoms. I guess I'd have second thoughts about driving with the amount of dizziness you describe. Or with feeling "foggy." Everything you describe can be part of a Migraine, but it can represent many other things as well. My strongest suggestion is to seek out the a headache and Migraine expert. Treatment may be as simple as Migraine-specific medication or it may be more complicated than that. If you need it, there's a link below to our directory of recommended specialists.

Good luck,
Teri Robert and John Claude Krusz

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Published May 1, 2006

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