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Quiz: Match the Symptoms to the Head Pain Type
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  • Anatomy of a Cluster Headache
    Cluster headaches are the most painful headache possible. The pain has been described as "boring", "tearing", or "burning." Analogies also are used, such as "a hot poker in the eye", or as if "the eye is being pushed out." Anyone who has ever had them, has no doubt what they are. It's no exaggeration to say that the pain and desperation of cluster headaches have actually led to suicides.
  • Anatomy of a Migraine
    When many people think “migraine” they think only of the pain of migraine. In reality, a migraine episode consists of far more. The typical migraine episode actually consists of four parts, referred to as phases or components.
  • Arghhhhh! Rebound Headaches!
    You have a headache. Taking medications is one of the logical things to do. There is something to consider before you take that medication though -- the dreaded rebound headaches. They're caused by taking medications too often. Sometimes just taking a drug for two or three consecutive days can cause rebound.
  • Hemicrania Continua
    Hemicrania continua is a rare form of chronic headache marked by continuous pain on one side of the face that varies in severity. Superimposed on the continuous but fluctuating pain are occasional attacks of more severe pain.
  • Orgasm & Headaches/Migraine
    We've all heard the old joke, "Not tonight, dear. I have a headache." Right? Surprisingly enough, for some people, there definitely is a correlation between sexual activity and headache or migraine. Is that correlation good or bad?
  • Paroxysmal Hemicrania
    Paroxysmal hemicrania is a rare form of headache that usually begins in adulthood. Patients experience severe throbbing, claw-like, or boring pain usually on one side of the face; in, around, or behind the eye; and occasionally reaching to the back of the neck.
  • What Are Ice Pick Headaches?
    Ice pick headaches are stabbing, extremely intense headaches that can be absolutely terrifying. They generally only last between five and 30 seconds. However, they come out of nowhere, can strike anywhere on the head, literally feel as if an ice pick is being stuck into your head, then disappear before you can even figure out what's happening.
  • What Is Basilar-Type Migraine?
    If you've heard of this form of Migraine before, you've probably heard or seen it called Basilar Artery Migraine (BAM). A Basilar-Type Migraine is a Migraine that has aura symptoms originating from the brainstem and/or affecting both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, but with no motor weakness. It's frightening, and caution is needed in diagnosis and medications, but it's not as dangerous as it is frightening.
  • What Is Hemiplegic Migraine?
    To understand Hemiplegic Migraine, we have to understand that Migraine attacks are episodic manifestations of a genetic neurological disease. Migraine can present in a variety of ways. Hemiplegic Migraine is a rare form of Migraine disease, made more confusing by there being two variations: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine (FHM) and Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM).

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