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Ask the Clinician: Answers to Readers' Questions

May 10, 2004, page 3


Updated: May 11, 2004

Ask the Clinician

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  • 9) I wanted to ask Dr. Krusz what he thought about acupuncture as a treatment for migraine headaches? I have suffered with migraines since the age of 26, with a break from about age 38 until recently at the age of 49. I have felt the onset of menopause has been the cause of the return of the migraines. I use Zomig for the onset and Inderal 20mg. 4 times daily for preventative measures, but the headaches are becoming worse, causing me to miss work and make trips to the ER for relief from pain and severe nausea. Any thoughts on the acupuncture would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Gloria.
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  • 10) I am a 44 year old female, migraines started in 1996 after being the victim of a violent crime. Diagnosed with PTSD in 1997. Hysterectomy in 2001, thought that might help to no avail. Migraines average 3 days each occurrence, usually monthly up until approx 2-3 months ago. Have been experiencing migraines weekly for over 2 months with the exception of 1 weekend, lasting 3-4 days each occurrence. Also had 1 occurrence last year where the migraine lasted 6 days. Migraine pattern: Fri-Sat-Sun, Thurs-Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun-Mon. Location of pain has shifted along with the frequency. Pain usually affects left side of head 1st and 2nd day and moves to right side by 3rd day. Recently, at times, I awaken from sleep with intense pain in the top of head that gradually moves back to left side after I get out of bed. Med's include Elavil for prevention, 40mg per day, tried increasing but affects concentration at work, 50mg Zoloft for anxiety and menopausal symptoms after going off Premarin in Dec 03, Estratest every other day. Excedrin migraine at least 2X's daily as I usually awaken with some type of headache whether it be migraine or sinus, and Maxalt MLT as needed for migraine pain. I also take Ambien on occasion for sleep disturbance. Very stressful, high profile Government job, but enjoy my work and the fulfillment I receive each day. Somewhat of a perfectionist and usually take on a very heavy workload to the point where I have no time to socialize in the office even though I try to be a caring leader to my staff. Look really forward to my weekends to relax and enjoy family but the migraines have been so frequent I'm to the point of exhaustion. Seems like by the time I halfway recover from a headache another one hits. Maxalt relieves the pain somewhat, can still function at work but affects my concentration, dulls my senses, become tired and sleepy, not myself. Hard to conduct meetings when I take Maxalt and my quantity of work decreases. I have tried Botox injections and am currently undergoing Therapeutic Structural Integration but after 2 months still no relief. Tried various herbal meds but didn't help. Try to keep the fact that I am in pain from my staff, supervisors and family. Only those close to me know when I'm in pain, they say I become very quiet and non-responsive. I have found the migraines affect my memory, I mark days in my planner to track my migraines. Seems like I loose track after a headache, can't remember the days of previous attacks. I see a neurologist 2x each year, have an appt next week to discuss the increase in frequency. Very frustrated with the current situation, seems like I have more headache filled days than not. Almost to the end of my rope. There has to be something out there to help me with this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tammie.
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  • 11) I am looking for some information on disrhythmic migraines....I have been having seizures for more than the last 3 1/2 years now ....I ran into a nurse at a different doctors office who has the same symptoms as I have and her neurologist diagnosed her with disrhythmic migraines....I am searching for a resolution to my illness and need some information on this as my psychologist says that my neurologist is just missing something...I have been unable to work since 03-2000 and would like to just have a normal life back....I cannot take the migraine medications as I have a coagulation problems and instead of the medications opening up the blood vessels in my head it totally constricts them....please contact me with any information that you may have....thank you Angie.
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