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How to create a forum signature:

First, you need to come up with whatever graphic you want to use in your signature. Then you need to have it somewhere online so that the graphic can be accessed when someone reads your posts. There are some free services that offer web site storage space. Many Internet Service Providers allow each subscriber a certain amount of space also. If you just don't have anyplace to host your graphic, do a web search for free hosting space or post a question in the Support Forum to see where other people are hosting their graphics.

Once you have your graphic, click on the "My Forums" link at the top of any forum page. (see image)

Once you're on your "My Forums" page, click the "My Preferences" link. (see image)

On that page, you'll find a box to enter your signature. (see image)

This is where you enter the information for your signature. If your page has the "WYSIWYG" and "Source" buttons, you can enter and format any text you want in the WYSIWYG mode. When you go to enter the URL for your graphic, you'll need to click the "Source" button BEFORE entering the HTML for the location of the graphic. If your page doesn't have these two buttons, there will be a check box below the signature area that you need to click, indicating that you're entering HTML into your signature.

Some basic HTML:

  • To insert an image: <img src="http://www.msteri.com/about-flag.jpg"> (replace http://www.msteri.com/about-flag.jpg with the URL to your image.)
  • Bold: <b>your text here</b>
  • Italics: <i>your text here</i>

This will get all of you started with forum signatures. If you have other questions, post them in the Support forum, one of the hosts and I will answer them. I'll also update this page with answers to the most frequently asked questions.



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