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May 10, 2001

Statement Regarding Suspension of 160 mg OxyContin® Tablets

Purdue Pharma introduced the 160 mg strength OxyContin® tablets to help patients suffering from the most severe, persistent pain. This dosage is prescribed for less than one percent of patients whose pain is treated by OxyContin. However, recent media attention has made more people aware of the abuse potential of opioid analgesics. Even though there have been few reports of diversion of the 160 mg tablets, Purdue is concerned about the possibility of illicit use of tablets of such high strength.

Therefore, we have decided to temporarily suspend shipment of the 160 mg tablets – at least until we have studied this issue further. This action is totally voluntary on Purdue’s part. While we regret that our action may burden some patients, we believe strongly that on balance our action is the right thing to do.

Purdue is working to ensure that patients with legitimate medical need continue to have access to OxyContin tablets, and we remain committed to helping educate the medical community about its appropriate use.


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